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Customer Protection Options at JPMG

JPMG Customer Protection Options


When purchasing a vehicle you need to consider protecting yourself against probably the single biggest financial risk associated with ownership; the risk of your vehicle being declared a write-off.

Motor insurance only covers you for the market value of your vehicle at the time, and in the event of your vehicle being declared a write-off, you could be left with a significant difference between your motor insurance pay-out and what you paid for the vehicle or owe your finance company.

Protect yourself with COMBINED GUARANTEED ASSET PROTECTION from Johnson & Perrott to minimise financial loss after a write-off.

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Keep your vehicle in showroom condition & increase your resale value with the SMART INSURANCE policy from Johnson and Perrott.

It provides a small body repair system that will keep your vehicle in showroom condition, without compromising your no-claims bonus. The policy ensures your vehicle remains free from chips, minor dents, light scratches and scuffs.

With a SMART Insurance policy from Johnson and Perrott Motor Group, your vehicle is covered for damage caused by everyday motoring

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No matter how careful you are, scuffs and scratches seem to be a fact of motoring life. Cover yourself for the cost of repairs from accidental damage to your alloy wheels with Alloy Wheel Insurance from Johnson and Perrott.

No more inconvenient, pricey trips to the body shop. If your claim is successful, we arrange for a specialist to come and make wheel repairs at your home or workplace at a time that suits.

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Help maintain the condition and resale value of your vehicle with Paint Protection.

Protect the interior carpets, upholstery and leather trim against sudden and accidental stains and spills, & protect your vehicle’s exterior paintwork against oxidation, atmospheric pollutants, salts and abrasion during cleaning.

Click here for more details on paint protection



When purchasing a used vehicle you need to consider how you will protect yourself against any unforeseen costs during the period of ownership.

No one plans for an unexpected repair bill but as your car increases in age and mileage, so does the risk of mechanical failure.

Johnson and Perrott Motor Group’s warranty has been designed to protect you against the costs incurred in the event of an electrical or mechanical failure of a covered component or breakdown/immobilisation of the vehicle

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